Convenience and Care in Our Danville Apartment Community


A little care and help on your busy schedule goes a long way, whether it comes in the form of a free cup of coffee in the lunchroom during your break, some friendly advice from a co-worker about a project you’re working on, or perhaps a place to unwind for a few moments after a long week. Here at Alexan Downtown Danville, our luxury apartment community will offer all of this and more through our amenities, ensuring that you can make the most of your time in work or leisure.

For starters, never worry about missing a package delivery again. Our secure package lockers from Amazon Hub are open 24/7, meaning that you can pick up your online orders, gifts, and other goods at any time, hassle-free. Want to save on gas during your morning commute or on a quick trip to the market? Grab your bike from our handy repair and storage facilities and ride through town with ease, carpool with our rideshare lounge, or charge up using our green electric car charging stations. Cut out the pricey membership fees and the crowds by doing your workouts in our state-of-the-art fitness center. Work remotely in a quiet and focused environment or gather co-workers together to collaborate over coffee in our conference room and work stations. Finally, have fun with the whole family in our central courtyard, children’s play area, or in the nearby Danville Historic Downtown District.

Find the care and convenience you need at Alexan Downtown Danville. Take a look at our full list of upcoming amenities today and sign-up for our Danville luxury apartment pre-lease offers before we open early 2021.