Endless Comfort in Our A3 One-Bedroom

Endless Comfort in Our One-Bedroom Danville Apartments

A little comfort can go a long way, but a lot of comfort can give you an infinite amount of joy, and here at Alexan Downtown Danville, our luxury apartments offer boundless amounts of it. Whether you’re looking for a private one-bedroom model close to your office, or you want a large townhouse for your entire family, all our homes have the space and amenities you need to make them your own the moment you move in. Find endless comfort in our A3 one-bedroom today!

A3: One-Bedroom Floor Plan in Danville

Looking for a place just for yourself? Our A3 one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan may be the right fit for you. Featuring at least 673 square feet of living space, it has everything you need to relax after a long day, or to prepare for a fun-filled evening with friends and loved ones.

Rest and Live Well

For starters, the spacious bedroom can fit the softest king-sized mattress along with anything from a bedside TV display to a classic wardrobe. In addition, it comes with an expansive walk-in closet to help keep your outfits and accessories neat and organized. 

Play Outside and In

Finally, this floor plan gives you several options to make the most of free time. Our contemporary kitchen, for example, is perfect for cooks of any skill to flex their culinary capabilities, while our versatile living room can work for both quiet afternoons days or full-on holiday parties. You can even escape to the wide balcony and enjoy a fresh beverage while admiring our lovely Danville views.

Find endless comfort in our A3 one-bedroom Danville apartments at Alexan Downtown Danville. Contact us and start your tour through our A3 one-bedroom in Danville today.