Escape from the Mundane in Danville


It’s hard not to appreciate a good puzzle once in a while, whether it’s a tough riddle, a complex jigsaw puzzle, or even a blueprint to follow on a LEGO set. If you’re looking for a fun way to tease your mind, or just a fun way to escape for the weekend with your friends and family, our upcoming luxury apartments at Alexan Downtown Danville make it easy to have fun right from your comfort zone.

Zscape Games is a local escape room attraction located just three miles south from Danville, and it’s highly rated on TripAdvisor and Google for its immersive and fun game play for all experience levels. For the uninitiated, escape rooms are essentially scenarios full of puzzles, challenges and riddles; you and a team of at least three people will be locked in the room and you must attempt to work together to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out. Even if you fail, there’s plenty of fun to be had with each visit. As of now, there are two scenarios to try out: an old-fashioned prison escape where you and your fellow inmates plan to set yourself free with a thin window of opportunity, and the Toy Box, in which you try to reverse a successful shrinking experiment before your parents get home. There are also VR escape rooms available for those who want an extra dimension to their puzzles. It’s the perfect activity for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, weekends, or even corporate team building events.

Explore, escape, and entertain yourself here at Alexan Downtown Danville. Book a room at the Zscape Games near Danville and be sure to check out our luxury apartments before we open our doors later this year.