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B6 two bed/two bath at Alexan Downtown Danville- Find Your Ideal Home

Everyone deserves to find their place in this world. Why not enjoy a luxurious one? Find your ideal home at Alexan Downtown Danville, luxury apartment homes in Danville, California. Happiness starts in the B6 two-bedroom. See how big a difference that one thousand ninety-five square feet of premium luxury features do for your lifestyle. Your beautiful apartment will help you make the transition to the laidback pace of life of Danville. Upscale shopping and dining choices are never far away. Have an adventure. Finish your perfect weekend back home with fun community amenities. The life you want is at Alexan Downtown Danville that opens in early 2021.

Ideal Home

Nothing beats the spaciousness of a two-bedroom. Whether you are expanding a hobby or taking on a roommate, that second bedroom is a lifesaver. The bedrooms you find inside the B6 won’t disappoint. Each has an oversized walk-in closet and easy access to premium spa bathrooms. Both make prepping for your day easy and stylish. They are also great for sharpening up for a night out with your friends. You also have plenty of options when you want to stay home. Your living area is ideal for streaming your favorite shows over a lazy weekend. Pop into your gourmet kitchen and shake up a cocktail or cook something tasty. Enjoy your gourmet creations in your elegant dining area. How sweet life can be at Alexan Downtown Danville.

Find your ideal home in the B6 two-bedroom only at Alexan Downtown Danville. See what luxury can be in early 2021 and make a move to Danville, California.