Get Cozy in a Comfy Two-Bedroom

Get Cozy in a Comfy Two-Bedroom

What do you picture when imagining the perfect luxury apartment home in Danville, California? The home you are searching for is right around the corner. Get cozy in a comfy two-bedroom at Alexan Downtown Danville and find the sanctuary you deserve. Life in Danville is about more than luxury. It is a lifestyle you can share with your friends. Spend your first weekend at Alexan Downtown Danville exploring your new town.

Luxury Two-Bedroom in Danville

When you want the perfect luxury two-bedroom in Danville, look no further than the fantastic B4 two bed/two bath. You have lots of comfortable space to relax in 1,012 square feet of living space. Every home features a gourmet kitchen and ample dining and living space for entertaining. Both bedrooms have the space you need to find a retreat from your day.

Two Bed/Two Bath

But there is more to the B4 than fantastic bedrooms. Each has access to a peaceful spa bathroom. Nothing takes the stress of your day away like a long soak in a spa-like retreat. Treat yourself to some deep downtime and a long soak in your spa bathroom. 

Private Balcony

When you need a little extra space to retreat, spend time on your private balcony. Get some fresh air and a new perspective. Bring your favorite adult beverage or cup of coffee and sip in quiet reflection on how sweet life can be.

Get cozy in a comfy two-bedroom only at Alexan Downtown Danville, luxury apartment homes in Danville, California. Reach for every opportunity today!