Homemade Ease in Danville

Homemade Ease in Danville

Everyone can stand to make their lives easier, even by just a little bit. Discover homemade ease in Danville at Alexan Downtown Danville. Enjoy plenty of community amenities that help you unwind. All you need is right within reach of our homes. So kick back and relax.

Travel Without Hassle Through Danville

For starters, our great location in Danville puts you close to some of the best stores, restaurants, and employment in town. Our controlled-access parking garage guarantees that you’ll always have a spot close to home, while our bike storage and repair facility lets you ride around to your heart’s content. Prefer to carpool? Wait for your ride in the comfort of our rideshare lounge.

Easy Package Pickup from Amazon

Enjoy finding the newest deals online? We have a 24/7 package pickup service sponsored by the Hub, so you never have to worry about missing or stolen packages again. Just simply bring your proof of purchase, scan, and grab.

Relax Your Way in Our Luxury Community

Our beautiful luxury apartment community is fantastic for any occasion. Kids will love our full playground by our landscaped courtyard, while adults can show off their best barbeque skills at the modern grilling station. Likewise, our relaxed clubroom lets you play, rest, and socialize to your heart’s content.

Find homemade ease in Danville at Alexan Downtown Danville. Tour our Danville luxury apartment community for yourself this weekend.