Hydrate in a Healthy Way in Danville

juice bottles - Hydrate in a Healthy Way in Danville

Hydration is key to staying alive. But who wants to drink water all of the time? Treat yourself to the Pressed Juicery when you live at Alexan Downtown Danville. Find this and other local gems once you pick the perfect floorplan and start your new luxury lifestyle. Spice up that next water break with something out of the box. Living beyond your limits is something you will have to get used to living at Alexan Downtown Danville.

Hydrate in a Healthy Way

The Pressed Juicery is a local Danville shop specializing in organic beverages and nutritious and delicious juices. Their location in Danville is only half a mile away from our luxury apartments, so that you can walk to their store in just ten minutes, or you can have their products delivered right to your front door. They feature dozens of products to fit any palette, dietary needs, and health goals. Those new to juicing can stick to sweet fruit drinks, while veggie lovers can savor the classic beet and carrot juice or the green kale spinach cucumber juice. There’s also vegan ice cream for folks who want a guilt-free dessert.

Hydrate in a healthy way when you live at Alexan Downtown Danville. Visit the Pressed Juicery and our Danville luxury apartments for your next healthy snack.