Inspiring One-Bedroom Luxury Apartments

Inspiring One-Bedroom Luxury Apartments

A little creativity in your home atmosphere goes a long way. Discover encouraging comfort and peace of mind, in our luxury apartments at Alexan Downtown Danville. Find inspiring one-bedroom luxury apartments here with comforts to spare. Whether you’re looking for a private one-bedroom model to call home, or our townhomes and two-bedroom, our luxury apartments have everything you need.

A3: Delightful One-Bedroom Danville Apartments

Hunting for the right balance of style and serenity? Try out our A3 one-bedroom luxury apartment for size. It features at least 673 square feet of living space to flex your physical and mental muscles, and we have amenities embedded in virtually every inch. Cook something tasty in your modern kitchen or relax in your living area. 

Closets to Remove Clutter

Nothing quite dampens an open mind like a messy environment. Thankfully, we have several methods to keep your home organized. For example, the gigantic walk-in closet in the master bedroom, lets you sort out your outfits to your heart’s content. We also have a large utility closet for laundry and cleaning, as well as a storage shed on the private balcony for seasonal goods.

Chillax in our Cozy Living Room

Our open living and dining space is perfect for any project. Lounge out and craft in your airy living room, or even get some fresh air while you work on the private balcony.

Discover inspiring one-bedroom luxury apartments here at Alexan Downtown Danville. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our A3 one-bedroom luxury apartments in Danville.