Live Healthily and Happily in Danville

lacing up shoe - Live Healthily and Happily in Danville

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences. Starting good habits like eating right and exercising is easy when you live in the right luxury apartment home. Live healthily and happily in Danville only at Alexan Downtown Danville. Kick back and relax with comfy luxury apartment features and fun community amenities. Try out the fitness center or lace up your trail shoes and explore your new neighborhood. The life you crave is right here waiting for you.

Healthily and Happily

Our state-of-the-art fitness center is the perfect spot to start your next workout routine, whether you’re just breaking free from your couch potato roots or you’re already a leg day master. We have some of the best cardio and strength training equipment on the market, along with extra space for warm-ups and stretches. There’s also a yoga and spin studio to perfect your warrior pose or cycle for miles without wandering from home. Enjoy HDTV sets to watch your favorite shows while you break a sweat. Prefer to exercise outdoors? Grab your bike from our storage and repair center and get your heart pumping with a ride around Danville. Finally, don’t forget to let Fido join in on the fun thanks to our pet-friendly community.

Live healthily and happily in Danville with a new luxury apartment home. Change your life for the better at Alexan Downtown Danville.