Noah’s NY Bagels near Alexan Downtown Danville

mushroom, Swiss, spinach, egg on an everything bagel - Noah's NY Bagels near Alexan Downtown Danville - pic by Goku U. on Yelp

What will you do your first weekend at Alexan Downtown Danville? When you aren’t at home enjoying premium apartment features and fun community amenities, you can work on your go-to treats and eats list. What will make your list? No matter your tastes, you can find plenty to enjoy in your new Danville, California, neighborhood. Start your mornings with Noah’s NY Bagels near Alexan Downtown Danville and eat happily.

Local Favorites

Local favorites start with dedication and passion. Find both at Noah’s NY Bagels. In their own words, “At Noah’s, we believe every bagel should be fresh-baked and that ingredients matter. Our dedication to quality includes cage-free eggs, thick-cut bacon, and bagels made of dough that starts with simple ingredients: flour, water, brown sugar, salt and yeast.”

Takeout near Alexan Downtown Danville

You can’t be tasty without getting a local following. Melissa Y. shares on Yelp“It’s very clean and bright. Great place to study with a lot of tables and plugs. I love their coffee and pastries. Of course, their bagels as well. The staff is nice, coffee area and tables were clean. Also just smells so darn good.” 

Start your mornings with Noah’s NY Bagels near Alexan Downtown Danville, luxury apartment homes. Start living the lifestyle you always wanted right here.