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"We have loved living at the Alexan Downtown Danville! The proximity to downtown is wonderful! The staff is super responsive and professional and we have really enjoyed meeting so many dogs!"
"Everything has been greats of far! The community in the apartment complex is great and the neighbors always have a smile on their face or a friendly word to give out."
"Love the community, residents, and proximity near downtown Danville! The apartments are not at all like other apartments. All kitchen appliances are modern and entry to any place requires a given code or key fob. It may be a little pricey to live here and noisy being near the freeway, but the benefits outweigh them."
"I enjoyed living here a lot, especially with all the energetic and friendly neighbors. I hope the office would keep maintaining the coffee machines as they help fostering a sense of community."
"Excessive animals. The owners let their dogs use the toilets inside the community areas and the place smells like urine and facies. End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid End Medical Apartheid"
"Friendly and professional staff. Love the walkability to downtown Danville. Some more storage options on the property would be very welcome."
"So far it’s been great. Super friendly, professional and responsive staff. From my experience, they have gone above and beyond to be helpful with our move it."
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"So far living in the Downtown Alexan Danville apartments has been wonderful. My neighbors are wonderful and there are many activities to do here with in the gates of this complex. I absolutely love the pool and the weight room. Everything is clean and the community is fantastic. The location to downtown is wonderful as well."
"I've been here almost 2 months and very happy with my decision. I was concerned that moving into a multi-unit apartment might not work out. I'm very sensitive to noise and was worried it might be noisy. So far, very quiet asides from highway noise (which I don't mind) on my side of the community. The residents are very nice and staff is great."
"The community is clean and overall very quiet. We hear some noise from the pool and kids playing with the giant jenga, but the windows are very insulated and we never hear noise through the walls from our neighbors! The appliances are top of the line, and the staff are very friendly and helpful."
"We moved to Danville from Michigan and I am so grateful that we found this apartment. I love the yoga room here and the coffee machine. The public space allows me to enjoy sunshine and the office space enables me to concentrate well on my job."
"Love it! I couldn’t have picked a better community in Danville. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful and the staff keeps every common area sparkling clean."
"Clean, quiet have Had no problems with the unit. The staff is great! Also, the people living here are extremely nice and friendly. It is a great location close to Downtown Danville"
"I love living here. It’s quiet. Great people. Wonderful amenities. The apartments are brand new and easy to clean and maintain. We have a garbage service that picks up our trash 5 nights a week. We are close to grocery shopping, restaurants farmers markets and services."
"We moved in June and have loved it so far. Weren’t sure how we’d adjust to apartment life after 18 years living in a house but we’ve had so much fun meeting new people and living so close to downtown! Enjoying all the amenities here at the property as well!"
"Everyone has been so nice and kind. Very quiet neighborhood. The park is close for walking dogs. All the hot spots for adults eatery right around the corner."
"Staff very friendly and prompt to respond to issues. Beautiful pool area and great gym . Very quiet and peaceful. Walking distance to the library and restaurants"
"Clean community. Great downtown and right in the heart of Danville. Location cannot be beat. Park next door and great amenities in the complex."
"Great so far! Inside courtyard by children's play area could use a little cleaning. Plus, kids need to pick up after themselves. Leasing team excellent!"
"Staff is amazing in every way! Love them. No complaints there. Just have a few issues with one woman in particular who drinks and keeps knocking on my door, even though I have asked her to not knock on my door. I even put a "Do not disturb sign on my door." I tried to be nice at first, but then realized this is ongoing."
"Loving the apartment complex. The staff is super nice and responsive. My only complaint is that some dog owners are not picking up the doggie poop and letting their pets pee on the walking sidewalks."
"Our apartment is fantastic with lots of room and brand new appliances. The location is ideal, the foot bridge is such a great addition to easily get to many shops and restaurants in Danville. Other residents and the staff a friendly."
"Smooth process, friendly staff, beautiful property. All our questions and needs prior, during, and after the move have been addressed quickly and with great attention. Special thanks to Lilly L’Estrange from Danville’s Alexan"
"Brand new. Very clean. It is a little noisy because of the freeway. Francisco smiled; it was a smile of radiant mockery. Watching them, Dagny thought suddenly of the difference between Francisco and her brother Jim. Both of them smiled derisively. But Francisco seemed to laugh at things because he saw something much greater. Jim laughed as if he wanted to let nothing remain great."
"Nice and quiet. Well built. Great location. Walking distance to all the restaurants in the area. Nice views of Mt. Diablo and cheap utility bills!"
"Not too many people moved in yet but nice and quiet neighbor with great amenities always available. Would like to see how these things could be when all units get occupied."
"The resident staff and move in management was easy and made my transition very warming and positive. Well done! Also, the amenities are of high quality like I am living at a 5 star resort."