Takeout From Domenico’s Deli & Café

pastrami on marbled rye - Takeout From Domenico's Deli & Cafe - pic by kari c. on yelp

Enjoy the fresh tastes of takeout from Domenico’s Deli & Café in your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Downtown Danville. Opening in early 2021, your new apartment is packed with luxury apartment features that keep you comfy around the clock. Fun community amenities will help you make the most of your weekends, so kiss boredom goodbye. Best of all, you can look forward to exploring your new Danville neighborhood. Find more gems like Domenico’s Deli & Café along with other dining and shopping spots. Enjoy the lifestyle you want at Alexan Downtown Danville in early 2021.

Domenico’s Deli & Café

Deli food is the perfect takeout for a picnic lunch in the middle of your workday. Domenico’s Deli & Café is no exception. Pick sandwiches and sides ready-made or watch them build your beauty from the ground up. In their own words, “From the beginning, their philosophy has been the same, simply seek out the best possible ingredients to craft the highest quality sandwiches, which means hand picking product from top, local and European purveyors, and serving it all up in a customer service driven environment.” Grab a sandwich and find a sunny spot on the nearby Danville Library lawn. The life you want to live is at Alexan Downtown Danville.

Enjoy takeout from Domenico’s Deli & Café when you make your move to Alexan Downtown Danville in early 2021. Start making plans to upgrade your lifestyle today!