The Peasant & The Pear

The Peasant & The Pear

Celebrate your move to Alexan Downtown Danville with a tasty meal from The Peasant & The Pear. Enjoy a gourmet interpretation of classic American cuisine and fresh cocktails after you finish your move into pure luxury. Then, toast your good luck with your friends and relax in comfy outdoor seating at The Peasant & The Pear. Bliss is waiting for you.

Danville Hot Spots

Nothing separates you from the ordinary life at Alexan Downtown Danville and outdoor dining at The Peasant & The Pear. So come and see what your dinner menu has been missing. Whether you love sandwiches, salads, or cutting-edge entrees, you will find something for every taste here.

The Pheasant & The PearĀ 

In their own words, “Considered the flagship restaurant within the Worth Group, Chef Worth prides himself on serving classic “peasant cuisine” at this historic downtown Danville location. The diverse menu includes classic dishes with a modern flair and beautifully composed salads, sandwiches, entrees & house-made pastries. All of the dishes are made with local, sustainable ingredients when possible, and the menu changes seasonally to ensure maximum freshness.”

Fan Favorite

Their fans are talking. Robin W. shares on Yelp, “I had told myself that I would try some different dishes, but the Cast Iron Mexican White Prawns called my name. They’re plump prawns that are cooked to perfection with lemon, butter, capers, garlic, shallots, chardonnay, bread. The bread soaks up all of the amazing flavors, and it’s so delicious! I also ordered another favorite of mine, the Pear Quesadilla.”

Celebrate your move into pure comfort at Alexan Downtown Danville with a meal at The Peasant & The Pear. So dive into the lifestyle you deserve today!