Refresh and Recharge at Peet’s Coffee

Refresh and Recharge at Peet’s Coffee

The entire world runs on coffee, so it’s vital to have a good coffee supply or a café nearby to keep up with the caffeine demand in your household. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at Alexan Downtown Danville put you close to several shops. Refresh and recharge at Peet’s Coffee or any other shop that offer excellent quality coffee for any occasion and weather. Simply find the right flavors for your palette and savor it in the comfort of home.

Peet’s Coffee in Danville

If you’re looking for a coffeehouse style café to chillax in, or you just want a quick stop on the way to work, then Peet’s Coffee is a great choice. It’s a Berkeley-based coffee chain that features fine-quality brews with flavors ranging from home-grown to exotic. Best of all, their Danville location is only half a mile away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can even walk there in just ten minutes.

Classic Coffee and Seasonal Treats Alike

The menu at Peet’s coffee features dozens of creations to fit any palette, ranging from classics such as the Coffee of the Day, espresso, and caramel macchiato. They also have seasonal drinks to fit the bright days of summertime, like their iced strawberry cream frappe or the chocolate cold brew oat latte.

Relax in a Coffee-Filled Environment

Finally, the café’s charming home-like aesthetic is perfect for any occasion. Grab a couple of friends and chat out on the patio during a sunny morning, or connect to their public Wi-Fi and work in peace with coffee on hand.

Refresh and recharge at Peet’s Coffee near Alexan Downtown Danville. Check out our Danville luxury apartments and start enjoying yourself.